by Andrew Salomone

Joey Partlett creates labor-intensive pen and ink drawings built up from multitudes of small repetitive marks. So, when he procured a secondhand electric shaver from the historic Onderdonk House, he saw an opportunity to create an apparatus he calls a "texture machine" to make his drawing process more efficient. I recently chatted with Joey about his texture machine and he demonstrated how to use the machine and make one of your own.  

Essentially, the texture machine consists of a small battery operated electric shaver which has had the razor and guard removed so that the inside of a ballpoint pen can be attached to the shaver with Japanese masking tape. He made some other modifications, including soldering a power cord to the shaver so that it can be used continuously without having to change the batteries. Part of the effectiveness of the texture machine’s tenuous construction is that it allows the pen to have move give and produce the kind of mark making that Joey’s work investigates.